I spent all of 2019 on the road, hopping from job opportunity to job opportunity. Unfortunately, this meant that I spent most of 2019 in some of the most expensive rental markets in the world. I ended up doing some remote software development on the side to help tide me over in between jobs. Here are some of the favorite places where I worked in various cities around the globe over the past year:


  • Guilford Building (301 S. Elm Street)
  • Tate Street Coffee House
  • Vida Pour Tea (back room)
  • Kathleen Clay Price Library

San Francisco

  • 9th District Court Law Library
  • Doe Reading Room
  • Rite Spot Cafe (happy hour or late night)


  • Tate Modern (both the cafe on the top floor overlooking the Thames and the balcony on the 4th floor overlooking the main hall)
  • Black Swan Yard Coffee


  • Koffieschenkerij, a cafe in old cathedral (check out the secret upstairs area)
  • Coffee Bru

New York City

  • Rose Reading Room

Hong Kong

  • The American Club
  • The airport lounge that Priority Pass gets you into


  • Starbucks @ the bar overlooking Shibuya crossing
  • Starbucks Resevere, on the patio overlooking the Meguro


  • Boston Public Library (Back Bay branch)
  • Mameleh’s